When you have feeling of loneliness

When you have feeling of lonelinessWhen you have feeling of loneliness. We are human and we can have moments in our life that we feel lost and lonely. But who is the one to change those feelings? If you are able to do it yourself, you are the change, or not?

Every feeling is a feeling or is it a thought?
What you feel, is that really what you feel, or do you think you feel it? Or is it the feeling that you feel? Most of the time is loneliness a feeling that we think. Loneliness is a feeling, just as joy, fear, anger is a feeling. But the feeling will be there and you will feel lonely. Then that is what it is for you at that moment and you can feel pretty sad and abandoned.

Moments of loneliness are moments of grow
Many people experience periods of loneliness in their lives. This often happens after the loss of a loved one, where you are confronted with deep mourning. Life has suddenly lost its color. And everything looks black and white. For you, it is no longer necessary for you. Yet your own strength takes you out here again, but what would it be nice if, in a period of loneliness, of mourning, you would occasionally have someone who is there for you, who will show you that you are good as you are. You can find such persons on NieuweTijd. You can chat with a medium on this website about your feelings of loneliness and the medium will help you with your feelings.

Why do we feel lonely sometimes?
Loneliness does not always have to have a reason, it can also suddenly be there. It can also arise because you always feel lost, feel like you are different from others, and thereby shield you. Because people give you a stamp. Loneliness can weigh very heavily and often you can’t go to anyone in your area. Because everyone also has his own life and continues. You understand this and you accept it too, but you are still lonely sitting on the couch.

A chat with a good medium will help you
Fortunately, auxiliary troops are waiting for you. Where can you find these best mediums and psychics? You can find them on www.mediumchatreading.com. But you have to make the first move. You want a change for the best. So you have to make the first step towards that best medium. If you don’t make those steps, then please stay where you are, but don’t complain towards others you feel so lonely, because you can do something about it.

You are the change
You’re the change. You are the one who has to finally do what feels right for yourself. And that means stop worrying, stop thinking, stop wanting to “go back”. Going to do what your adult wants to do and the little girl in you, finally give peace. Becaus the little girl feels lonely. Then loneliness disappears, then there is a new person, who dares everything, who can’t even imagine what loneliness is. Because she has so much to do what makes her happy, because she only does what makes her happy. Do you see the change? A fullfilling live and do the things you want to do.

But still we can feel lonely
When life is dark, we can feel lonely and that feeling may be there. But not for to long, because maybe you are running out of time, you never know. So, if you are in such a dark solitary period? Know that on NieuweTijd loving spiritual counselors are ready. Who offer you that listening ear that you so need, but at the same time you can keep a beautiful mirror in front of you to offer you perspective.

So do not hesitate to chat with one of the top consultants of NieuweTijd if your life is in a dip, or you feel lonely and you do not know how to get out of it.