The universe talks to you

The universe talks to youThe universe talks to you. What is happiness and how do I become happy. Every person will ask these questions in his life. And we ask these questions when we are not happy. Because we do not want periods in our lives where there is no happiness.

Searching for happiness
We want to leave these periods behind us as quickly as possible and often go out looking for luck like crazy. What we do then is to seek happiness outside ourselves. This is possible in the form of relationships, drinking a lot, buying a lot. Because that gives us temporarily a blissful feeling. In fact, we “stun” ourselves temporarily, but we do not have that.

We seek distraction for pain, sadness and thinking that we have to look for it outside of ourselves. As we continue to search for happiness outside of ourselves, we become increasingly unhappy. We then see a relationship as a possession, we see the drink as our friend.

Everything starts to disappear
The more we are confronted with ourselves, the more we will search. Then suddenly we are brought to a standstill. Often 3 things come to us that we have not counted on. Loss of a partner in a very annoying way, so we lose our confidence completely. Now we did not have that already, because you needed something outside yourself to trust.

You lose your job, and that means loss of income. Something or someone makes us live in chaos. I am convinced that the universe wants only one thing and that is that we live a happy life here. And I am also convinced that the universe gives us exactly what we need.

The universe gives us the chaos to wake us up. The universe brutally takes something away from us because it is not good for us, only we do not see it, we see it differently, we see it as a loss. That is what it is at that moment, but when we look further and realize why it is happening, we see that the universe wants to tell us something.

The universe will tell you something
The universe says to you, stop looking for happiness outside yourself. You are the happiness. Stop depositing yourself in situations that are not good for you and do not bring happiness. If you do not see for yourself that this relationship is not good for you, I will take it away from you. We can find the universe brutally, meanly, wants to test us, but we always find out over time that the universe was right, that it is indeed better to let go of that partner, to get rid of that job.

As soon as you realize that everything that is now there is the intention that it is there, but that if it does not make you happy, you first have the chance to adjust yourself or that the universe deprives you of it at a given moment.

The universe always remains loving to you, will never let you down, has only the best for you. With each of us, it makes no exceptions. We are the ones who seek out the drama, who choose to allow people in our lives who are going to hurt us. By taking a step in front of yourself and looking in peace and feeling whether you are happy with what is now there, or whether you should send in to be happy. What would you change? What would you like to say goodbye to before the universe lets you say goodbye?

You understand happiness is insight you
This way you discover that happiness is in you, that the only thing the universe wants is that you live from your own happiness. Happiness follows gratitude, adjusting for yourself. To have the guts to say goodbye to a boyfriend, the drink, because you know very well that this is not a real friend.

That you dare to say goodbye to that partner, because it does not give you happiness. That you choose a different job, because you know that your current job does not give you satisfaction. In this way you force happiness, you have a life in which you do what makes you happy. You are beyond the fear of loss. Because you know deep inside that you never lose yourself again.

Be the universe and choose for your happiness. Then you get everything you wish in abundance.