Toekomst, liefde of werk advies nodig?
Een goed consult helpt.
Toekomst, liefde of werk advies nodig?
Een goed consult helpt.
Toekomst, liefde of werk advies nodig?
Een goed consult helpt.

Call online mediums

Call online mediums

Call online mediumsCall online mediums. Online mediums can also communicate with guides, ascended masters and angels. How does it work? Online mediums must increase their energy to a higher frequency and the guides and deceased reduce their energy a little, then a link will be created between them.
The deceased and guides usually communicate through pictures and words. An online medium must translate the images that were passed on by the deceased or guide. Sometimes they are quite literal, but they can also be symbolic.
Online mediums
At NieuweTijd various online mediums work such as Mental-, Trans-, and Psychic mediums. Online mediums can communicate with the deceased, guides and angels, but they can also read your future and advise you.
Online mediums of Clairvoyant available are all specialized in mediumship.
Life after death and mediums.
If a man dies, his body dies. However, the soul after death is a form of energy and does not disappear.
Why do we die?
We die because our life is part of the evolution of our soul. Our souls are in a body here on earth to learn many life lessons that he or she will go through a growth process inwardly. These life lessons are of enormous importance for our growth as a soul in the other dimension after death.
The spiritual man reincarnates life after life; but in the intervals he returns to his home in the inner worlds and continues his or her evolution there on a higher level. Both our birth and our death is a transition between one world and another. Our real home is in another realm and we can best describe our lives as a trip or temporary residence to gain the necessary knowledge.
From the moment a person has left his or her body, we no longer see him or her as a person but as an “entity”.
Mediums have the ability to communicate through these entities, using their clairsentience, clairvoyance or clairaudience.
Our mediums can connect you with this realm. The other side often makes contact with our side because there are certain messages. Through this way our mediums can make a connection and offer you comfort when you miss them or have a particular question.
You may, however, remember that there is always contact. This can have several reasons, the entity is in a review phase which he or she revisits his or her life to see what lessons he or she has or has not learned. But it can also be possible that an entity is already prepared to incarnate and ready to learn in the next life and so additional lessons.
For questions, please call a Clairvoyant available medium.

Mediums, spiritual gifts and abilities. Mediums have one or more spiritual gifts. One gift is not the same as another and is not better than another. Mediums get information this way.
The spiritual gifts and abilities are divided into four categories. For each category, a clear distinction is made of what a medium is experiencing, but it doesn’t all runs parallel and a medium also experiences his or her gift based on his or her life experience and intuition.
Clairvoyance: A medium that is clairvoyant experiences the opportunity to gain information through images. In the spiritual world it is sometimes said that a medium receives such information through his third eye and that eye would be located in the middle of our foreheads between our two eyes or in other words, our 6th chakra or the brow chakra. Through this eye psychics can also see the appearance of spirits.
Clairsentience: Clairsentience is the ability to feel energies. This may be the energy from a space or atmosphere, the energy or even pain of a fellow human, as well as the energy of a deceased person. The powers of intuition and premonitions also fall under this category.
Many clairsentient mediums are usually highly sensitive people.
Clairaudience: If a medium is clairaudient, he or she has the ability to hear voices and sounds of the invisible world and through this hear sounds from outside or inside his or her head.
Clear Knowingness: Clear Knowingness is the least known form. This is to have the ability to know things without being told and / or get fully formed ideas about certain things.
Clairvoyant available mediums for you!

Medium/ spiritual? What is a medium precisely? There are lots of definitions when we talk about medium online. A medium is a spiritual person who acts as an intermediary between our world and the invisible world, the world of angels and entities.
A medium online is as it were the one who transmits messages from the invisible world to the people here on earth. You can compare a spiritual medium online to a telephone line which, for example a deceased transmits a message through the medium to one of his surviving relatives. An online medium itself is also well aware of where he or she gets this information from, and has a good sense of awareness to this invisible matter.
Many mediums possess what we call “one or more spiritual gifts” like clear feeling, clairvoyance, clear smelling or clear knowing.
A spiritual medium can seek the information through “psychometry.” Here the medium extracts energy from all energy around him or her and is translated via messages, pictures or words. Other mediums can observe certain physical problems perfectly so they can function as a spiritual healer. This still doesn’t make the medium a doctor and the knowledge of a medium is therefore not scientific or medical. For physical problems it’s still best to seek medical help of a physician.
There are also spiritual mediums that can make contact with a deceased person, and serves as it were, as a voice for the ones that are no longer in a position to communicate in a normal way.
Mediums of Clairvoyant available make even sometimes use attributes to stage their information or to obtain additional information. These attributes can include a pendulum or Lenormand cards, tarot and angel cards, being the most famous.
A spiritual medium online is the outspoken person who can help you at times when you’re in need of a listening ear and understanding at moments when your situation seems hopeless.

Clairvoyant available mediums for all your questions!

Magnetize and the energy field around us. To magnetize (the laying on of hands) we use the energy that is around you. The magnetizer hereby brings cosmic energies to another through his hands. Everything is energy and human beings also consist of it. Due to various reasons, the energy in your body can get out of balance and become blocked, which can cause physical and / or mental problems. A magnetizer can release this energy for someone and balance it, by laying on of hands and restore the balance between body and mind
In and around the human body there are meridians (energy pathways), our aura (the energy field around us) and chakras (energy centres). Here everything you’ve experienced is stored as a kind of blueprint. During stress or unresolved emotions we can get blockages in the energy pathways and therefore the energy can’t flow freely anymore, and physical and / or mental problems can arise. With magnetizing through laying on of hands you don’t see what is happening, but it is clearly felt by the magnetizer and the person who receives the energy.
Forms of energy transfer
Giving one’s own energy is called “magnetic healing”. According to the theory of magnetization this is something everyone already does without knowing. During magnetic healing the magnetizer will eventually get tired and lethargic, which is also the reason that magnetizers often do not work with their own energy, but with the energy around them.
Transmission of energy which is not from the magnetizer
When the magnetizer uses energy which is not his / hers, he / she works with channelled energy. Here, the magnetizer puts his own ego aside, so that the energy can flow unfiltered to the other person without the magnetizer coming in between.
During the magnetization different mental and physical sensations can be experienced that differ per person. Some of these sensations are:
– Tingling
– Relaxation
– Heat or cold feelings
– Emotions
– Twitching of muscles
– Pain
– Visualization
Magnetizing is as old as the human race exists. There are writings on magnetizing, healing and laying on of hands found in ancient Egypt and in all continents and cultures there are forms of restoring balance again by magnetizing.
Clairvoyant available mediums send healing energy from a distance!

Online mediums who lay cards. Many mediums use tools to get more information about a particular situation during a consultation. One well-known tool are the cards. There are numerous different kinds of cards available.
The most famous are the tarot cards, the Mlle Lenormand cards and all kinds of angel cards. Reading the cards can be done in numerous ways.
Mlle Lenormand lived several centuries ago in France, particularly in the 19th century. Since then her cards are used all over the world by many psychics and mediums as one of the ultimate ways to gain insights to certain questions.
A medium can lay for a full year or lay a complete reading, do a past-present-future reading or just ask an answer to a specific question. Each card has a unique image, but nevertheless the cards are best interpreted in conjunction with other cards. Most psychics use their intuition too to give the fullest depiction possible.
Yet another type of cards that is used a lot, is the Tarot. The tarot is a set of 78 cards with symbolic images, different from the regular 52 cards. Numerous versions have appeared in the marketplace in recent years. The tarot is widely used for personality analysis, for meditation and for future prediction. A tarot card reader usually uses various readings, and lets this often depend on the type of question asked by the caller.
Angel Cards made their advance in recent years. Doreen Virtue is very well known for her Angel Cards that she has spread worldwide since 1996. Angel Cards give a message of a different energy, namely the energy from Angels and the Guide world. These maps help Angels to make a choice or decision, or to get more insight into your question. Angels guide and protect you so to speak. These cards are not difficult to use because they contain clear and beautiful drawings.
Angel Cards teach you to communicate with the Angels, via an angelic oracle you can receive bright and clear messages from the higher realms of the cosmos. There are many different Angel Cards available, all decks have their own unique statements.
Clairvoyant available mediums would like to read the cards for you!

Mediums4all, your psychic help and advice line. At our psychic help and advice line will find consultants with various skills, e.g.: Mediums-Psychics-Healers-Coaching-Therapists and of course much more.
Consultants from our spiritual guide have been tested for their ability and reliability and are screened every six months for their ability and reliability to ensure that you will not be disappointed when you call one of our consultants of the paranormal help and advice line.
The customer is king at Clairvoyant available and we will suffice many opportunities to make it as easy as possible for you, before advising a consultant.
Before calling our Spiritual Helpline it is recommended to:
Write the questions down that you want to ask the consultant of the paranormal help and advice line.
First, find out which consultant is online and suits you.
Indicate that you want a short or regular consultation.
Write down the answers given by the consultant of the paranormal help and advice line so that you can let them sink in and read them later again. You will never be in for a surprise this way.
To make an appointment with a counsellor, I refer you to: make an appointment.
Do you want a photo reading? Go to the profile of the consultant of your choice. Then to photograph reading. Upload the picture, wait 10 minutes to give the consultant enough time to read the photo so that he / she can make preparations to give you a good consultation.
Guestbook, If you are very happy with a consultant you can write a reference in the guestbook.
Complaints, If you are not satisfied with a consultant or if you have a complaint, I refer you to the contact form!
All of us here at Clairvoyant available are here for you!!
Loving greetings, Clairvoyant available.

What is a reliable clairvoyant? If a clairvoyant has a bad day, quickly some people will judge them and say that the medium is unreliable. Be aware that a medium or psychic are people too. Compare them with top tennis or football players, etc. If they perform poorly once they also don’t become unreliable. We often read about a famous psychic medium who has fallen by the wayside and get labelled unreliable, while a clairvoyant medium can do so much more for others than anyone else.
Clairvoyant mediums here to help you!
Do you want your home spiritually purified? Call Clairvoyant available!!
It is more common than you think for someone to call Clairvoyant available to ‘clean’ their house. The reasons that your home needs ‘cleaned’ can be a negative atmosphere in the air or an uncomfortable feeling in the house.
Sometimes one feels a presence in a home or there is clearly a negative past that predominates. For all these matters, please contact the Spiritual Helpline’s website and you can decide with which consultant you prefer to speak.
You can get your house cleaned / purified and you will see that you can pick your life up again without the weight of outsiders who disturb your peace of mind and state of mind, and enjoy the comfort of your home again.
Everything doesn’t need to be explainable, if something doesn’t feel good simply call a consultant at Clairvoyant available and we will help you as good as we can.

Clairvoyants and paranormal ability’s. Clairvoyants have paranormal abilities, and can receive events and images of the past, present and future. One of the characteristics of psychics is honesty and they will never go along with a person just to please them. If you call a psychic for a consultation, a clairvoyant medium will never ask many questions. A clairvoyant medium usually only needs your name and birth date. Some psychics already see images just by hearing your voice.
Clairvoyance is something you are born with. There are also people who became clairvoyant because of an accident, traumatic experience or illness. For these people it is good to let other more experienced clairvoyants guide them so that they can learn to deal with these clairvoyant gifts in a better way.
Psychics often get clairvoyant dreams of family, friends and even from unknown people. It can also be annoying for a clairvoyant when he or she talks to a person and receives the person’s images while the person has not asked for that.
What is a reliable clairvoyant?
If a clairvoyant has a bad day, quickly some people will judge them and say that the medium is unreliable. Be aware that a medium or psychic are people too. Compare them with top tennis or football players, etc. If they perform poorly once they also don’t become unreliable. We often read about a famous psychic medium who has fallen by the wayside and get labelled unreliable, while a clairvoyant medium can do so much more for others than anyone else.
Clairvoyant mediums here to help you!

Clairvoyant available mediums.
Clairvoyant mediums and clairvoyance.
Notions for clairvoyance are: to see spiritually, clairvoyants, psychic.
When we speak about clairvoyance, we often talk about looking into the past, present or future or seeing or sensing aura`s and spirits.
If we only use the definition above of clairvoyance then we will deprive mediums as most psychic mediums can detect many different kinds of energies.
Try to imagine that the energies that can be observed are far beyond the normal colour spectrum that covers the area of violet, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. A psychic medium sees a different kind of light, like a flash or airy pleasant celestial light.
Each observation has a different type of light compared to each other because they all cover a different part of the colour spectrum. It is actually pure energy observed by the eyes of a clairvoyant medium and the energy is translated as an image of light to the brains.
There are also clairvoyant mediums who receive images. Often these images are of people and often about threatening situations. This is also a form of clairvoyance. The images don’t always need to be about the future, they can also be about the past and present.
Clairvoyant mediums of Clairvoyant available can help you with questions about clairvoyance. In recent years it seems that almost everyone is psychic. This is partly because people increasingly engage in the paranormal and are curious whether they are psychic or not.
Call a Clairvoyant medium of Clairvoyant available for insights, advice and coaching