You know you play games

You know you play gamesYou know you play games. Be honest, are you always honest to yourself and others? How good do you know yourself. Do you know what you need, or are you suffering?

As humans, we are very good at playing a play. If you don’t know yourself well enough, have not analyzed your own behavior, are not aware of your own emotions, then you are already playing a play. You betray yourself again and again, because the face does not lie. Can’t you get things done the way you want? Is life tough and difficult? Then there is work to be done. Be honest, sincere and pure to yourself.

To ensure that you become honest, pure and sincere, and your reflection is who you are deep inside, there are a number of steps to take. I can imagine that you are thinking now. I am already real, sincere and pure. Then I say. Do you say everything? Do you dare to be and show yourself in every situation? Do you think you lead the life in which you feel good or are there points for improvement?

As long as you are not completely your beautiful self, your face is lying. And that manifests itself in dissatisfaction, the search for attention and confirmation. But also disagreements with others, not feeling at home, envy.

It is crucial that you are aware of yourself. Questions you can ask yourself are: Who am I, what do I want, what is important to me in life. What do I need to make my life so pleasant and enjoyable for myself? I take good care of myself on all fronts, physically, mentally and emotionally. I live from my power, the love for myself. Or do I live from fear and hope that others will love me?

Am I in the right relationship? I make sufficient adjustments to this. I may give too little or too much. Do I do the work that makes me happy, or do I do the work, because otherwise I am scared of running out of money? Do I live relaxed, or do I always worry about everything. Perhaps I am too perfectionist, which is at my feet. Can I easily let go, or do I have trouble with that? All of them ask to be aware of it.

If you consciously reflect on the questions I put above, you start analyzing your own behavior. Then you come to certain conclusions. Then you may find that you should take better care of yourself. Find out that you may be doing work that is not satisfying for you. That you are in a relationship that has had its day, everything you continue like that.

That you admit too much in the relationship, and therefore do not say what you feel deep down. This can be quite confronting, but you are now at a point of personal growth, because how can you be honest and sincere if you are not honest and sincere to yourself?

By asking yourself questions and analyzing your behavior, you come to the point of self-awareness. You become aware of yourself, your behavior and that awareness is a huge step towards the beautiful you, who walks around with a face that doesn’t lie.

Now you can get started with the changes that you want to make for yourself. Now it comes down to it, not words, but deeds. That is quite difficult, because changing behavior is the most difficult thing in a lifetime.

You are worth it anyway! You are worth everything. Do you want to turn words into action? Then there are Mastermediums ready to guide you in this.

Make the first step and stop lying to yourself, you will feel so much better then.