When life is a picture in your mind, you will never be satisfied

When life is a picture in your mindWhen life is a picture in your mind, you will never be satisfied.  we see our lives before us, is a given. That we often fill it in with nice pictures too. We know that it is not always those pictures that are deep in our hearts, but consciously dealing with them deserves improvement.

Even if you do your best to make life look like you see it, you will not always succeed. Life also has a certain feeling. That feeling is influenced by the brain. The brain fills in, sows panic, and negativity. As a result, we can often not always see what we expect.

For example your relationship. You enjoyed your wedding day. You really felt like the princess. Now you are a few years later. It is waking up, eating, working, groceries, watching TV on the couch and sleeping again. Is this what it is? You had such a nice picture of it in your head, together, pleasant, joyful. And it doesn’t look like it at all.

For example the picture in your head about getting children. You wanted children so badly, You could see it completely. Cool stroller, nice walk, the little one everywhere you go. But in practice, nothing comes of it. You are only concerned with feeling of washing, feeding and getting dressed and not even talking about those sleepless nights.

What do you think about your work! you work a few days a week and frankly, luckily. I thought I’d like it. Colleagues among themselves, work that appeals to me. But I drag myself to it every morning. And those colleagues sometimes feel that there is more gossip than work.

The image we create of life, which is reflected so fantastically beautiful, but so far away from reality, that it is not feasible. You have already filled in life for yourself what it should be like but it doesn’t enjoy it at all. Constantly busy in the head taking the next steps and filling in pictures, how or should it be and is running after himself with reality.

We forget something. Life is now. Be realistic. The only way to realize that image as we would like it is to live in the present. Because when you are in the present, you are not concerned with what is to come. You aren’t busy in your head to form pictures how or you would like it. Because what there is, there is and everything there is, you feel that when you live in the present.

You can only fully enjoy yourself if you are open to enjoyment. And if you enjoy what there is, then it is even so that it can feel even better than you had ever dreamed. Because is it not the case that the unexpected things give the most pleasure?

And if that is the case, then it will not be the intention to live in the now, embrace it and let the future come as it presents itself and you enjoy it and adjust it, when adjustment is needed and further from everything is enjoying!

Filling in pictures of how beautiful life will always be will always give disappointments. Because we ignore reality and keep looking for the perfect picture. But when is it perfect, you have to ask yourself. When is it right? yes, sometimes just for a moment, when you drink a cup of coffee at your leisure, and think, how wonderfully, I enjoy the garden that looks so beautiful, a tidy house.

That is what you actually live for, for those moments of enjoyment. And if you can see it more often, then life becomes the way you intended it.

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