What to do if you lost yourself?

What to do if you lost yourself?What to do if you lost yourself?.  to many circumstances, your own connection with yourself may be temporarily suspended. You experience something with a lot of impact, that will upset you. Heartbreak is one of the things that makes the connection with yourself completely gone.

The connection with yourself is then gone and that manifests itself in being very dissatisfied, being bland, stressed in everything you do. It doesn’t benefit your body and mind and the connection with others will not work either.

The impact of this is huge and can keep you away from yourself for months, even years. Body and mind are always looking for the right balance, when there is, the connection with yourself is restored.

But if the head turns overtime, the heart is neglected and has completely different plans than the head, then the connection is gone. Then you ensure that the connection does not get the space to be restored. These are often very difficult periods.

Man is able to restore the connection with himself as quickly as possible. Nobody needs to be involved, but often we don’t do it. There is no realization that we are doing far too much for ourselves every day. Because we do not listen to what we need. We would rather deny ourselves the needs than to fulfill them.

That moment comes naturally, then we have completely lost our connection with ourselves. Then we have searched so diligently to want to restore the connection with the other that it has come at the expense of ourselves.

Then we are in a deep well, then we no longer know. Then everything is too much for us, then you literally and figuratively lie flat. Then you can require others to patch you up and sometimes you have to, a doctor or specialist is involved, but in the end you are always the one who has to restore the connection with himself.

Learn to listen to the signals that your body gives you. Be vigilant and open to it. Continuing and ignoring them means that you have to do your best harder later and a longer period of recovery is needed.

In fact, nothing can be more important than the connection with yourself, it must have top priority.
We often think that if we do everything right for someone else, we will be there. Just doing good for someone else is not enough. Then we go beyond ourselves. Then we often admit too much, but deep inside irritation starts to accumulate. Unspoken words, that makes us resentful. We let that feel another. while we ourselves are not naming or discussing things.

If you do not pronounce what is bothering you, you do not occupy your space. If you do not state what you like, someone else cannot take it into account.

If you ignore the signals, do not listen to yourself and feel emotions, then you neglect yourself. Then another person cannot hold a bill with you. Prevent self-pity, avoid becoming too dependent on others. Take good care of yourself, it will not only make your own life a lot better. you also become a pleasant company for others. Life becomes lighter and people will stand by you and take you into account.

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