We need bad times

We need bad timesWe need bad times. We prefer to live a life in which everything goes without saying, we do not have to worry about the future and certainly do not want to be confronted with loss and misery. Because the moment that it happens to us, our lives are turned upside down and have an effect on our being and our lives. Yet we need tough times in our lives, because it let us grow.

Why do we need bad times in our life?
Why do we need tough times? No matter how crazy it sounds, we humans ask for it themselves. We want a life that challenges us every day. We do not like being bored. We want more. We want to make more money, we want more things, we want love and all the wanting for something, make changes in our lives. We also get that change, only if it is there, then we would rather not have had it at first. It is therefore very double. On the one hand we want change and if it is there, it often turns our life upside down.

Afraid of change
If you are confronted with a change that you do not ask for, the impact is many times greater. Then we see it, initially always as a loss. But it does not have to be that at all. We end up in a hard time at a loss, the head starts to work overtime. It seeks diligently for solutions to get back what is gone, and this is accompanied by a lot of emotions, such as anger, disappointments, sadness.

But if you are very honest with yourself, before you get into this difficult time, you may have had thoughts about not having liked what you are losing. That you yourself have already thought I want it different, but you did not dare to let it go. The moral is, every change in our lives, through which we end up in a difficult time, we ask ourselves unnoticed.

Yes, we ask for that ourselves. We will only find out later, sometimes directly and sometimes years later. And here I am not talking about losing a deceased person.

Be aware of your life
So I ask myself for the loss of that job? From that partner through a divorce? So I ask myself for that hard time? Yes. The universe gives us exactly what we ask for, although we are often unaware that we ask for it. So we are asking for tough times. The moment you are aware that you ask for it yourself, something happens to you. Then you are aware that life is and will continue to change, because you demand that change.

Dare to embrace the changes in your life
So if I do not want change, everything stays the same? No, we need tough times to grow, the universe also helps us a hand. If the universe sees that where you are sitting is not the right place for you, then the universe first gives you signals. At first subtle, then stronger. They make sure you get jittery, they let things go wrong, your body is going to hurt, you are more likely to suffer from headaches, you start to lie awake at night. All these signals indicate that there is a change that will have an impact.

And if you do not notice these signals yourself and continue, then the universe will change and you will end up in a difficult time. And why does this happen to us? So that despite all the negative emotions that a heavy time entails, we can then feel happy again. The reason for a hard time is therefore necessary to be able to feel happiness.

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