We hate changes

We hate changesWe hate changes. We find it difficult to be open to change. And for that reason we are also afraid of it. If we are forced to do so, then we must be able to, after a long murmur, be angry with someone else, slowly tack up and accept the change. Then to find out later that that change was not so bad at all. And again we get the same trick. We cling to what is now, afraid of changes.

The nature of the beast
You, who are afraid and as long as you are afraid, you do not live, you waste your precious time on the fear and I advise you to contact a spiritual top medium on www.mediumchatreading.com. That top medium will give you answers and insights, so that you will see what fear you have. Then, after that, you will be careful not to be afraid of changes and you will start working with yourself, because you see the difference in your life for the best.

The higher power take care of you
Understand well that there is a higher power that always takes good care of us. That this higher power will ensure that we will lack nothing. That he gives us, where we ask for. And if you send out to that higher power, to be afraid of change. You then actually ask for no changes. Because you are afraid of it. Then the higher power will not give it to you either, at least for a period of time. But you suffer, so the high power will make the change for you.

The higher power intervenes
Then the higher power will intervene. They take away something that you have always feared losing it. Your partner, your work. And you, you feel deep pain, you feel hurt and it is not your fault, it is always up to the other person. Because you were always good for that other person. How is it possible that you lose it? Because you gave too much away from yourself and for that reason the higher power intervenes. They want to show you that what you stayed in did not give you enough. Only you did not notice it yourself, you did not see it because of the fear. So it is taken away from you.

Fear gives loss
Imagine, you would love to return your partner, but you are afraid it will never happen again. You have doubts about that, that is what you are doing all day long. So all day you send out fear that you are afraid of not getting that other person back. What does the higher power say then. She does not want it, she is afraid of it, so she will not get it. We don’t give it back to her.

Why are we afraid of changes?
Unknown makes unloved. You do not know what you are going to get. Whether it is good for you and what was there, that is familiar, you know that, you have made your own. You want it to stay there, gives security even though you know deep inside that it is not good for you. Do you see that action is being taken.

Embrace the changes in your life
Understand the principle of asking and receiving. Understand that life is meant to change. Because change gives growth. Embrace every change on your path, let them be there, do not be afraid of it. And also very clearly ask for the higher power that you desire and believe in it, trust it. Then the higher power gives it to you, if it is good for you and otherwise, the don’t give it to you. So simple is it.

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