We all want love, but are also afraid of love

We all want love, but are also afraid of loveWe all want love, but are also afraid of love. nobody wants it, many are afraid to love. Love requires surrender, vulnerability and letting go of control. Assuming you give your heart away to the right one. But how do you know if the other person means it, stays with you? Do not abuse your goodness.

All these questions play a role in the fear of love. The fear does not arise from experiences in previous failed relationships. That fear has arisen much earlier. In your childhood. Every child needs love and even though parents give it, if the child feels that it is insufficient and that naturally also occurs, then we naturally develop an underlying fear of loving.

Then we would like to know in advance where we stand. Then we want to be sure. Because only then do you dare to surrender, the fear of passing over. But when do you know that love is certain? Is that when you are married? Gives you certainty. No, not either.

The certainty is in you. As long as there is fear of loving, you will not enjoy a single day that you spend with the other. There is a constant undercurrent of desire, seeking confirmation and all occurring from fear. From that fear you also dare not put yourself in the relationship well. You like everything and you want to make the other person happy every day, hoping that the other person is happy with it. And then ask. Do you love me.

All arising from the fear of loving and daring to admit love. Because imagine that the other person says tomorrow, it’s over. Then your life stands still. Then you lose everything, then you are nothing. See what the fear of loving can cause.

You lose yourself during the relationship, because you don’t show yourself, you are only nice, sweet and kind. As a result, equality is missing in the relationship. And all because you fear to love.

Loving is the best thing that can happen to a person, if you dare to leave the fear behind. Every day there is one. And every day it can be over. What do you choose? Enjoy the days it is there. Or sit in fear or more will come? See where the key is to go through the fear of loving?

To enjoy what is there. Because a relationship is an endeavor and not a given. From fear you don’t strive to grow the relationship. You break it down by your own behavior. Not only you yourself will be bothered by this, but the other will also be affected at a given moment. He feels that you are afraid, he doesn’t feel free to be himself. He feels trapped because with every step that the other person takes, he feels a certain control.

Go beyond the fear of loving, dare to enjoy it every day, as long as it lasts. Nobody you can take that beautiful time anymore. Also remember that at some point you may not want the relationship anymore. Out of fear you wouldn’t dare to step out of it and do yourself a huge shortage. Call or chat with a Mastermedium, who will gladly help you to become empowered, so that you can put the fear of love aside.

You deserve love, you are love. Love has no certainty, only surrender for as long as it lasts. And if you have guts, it will last, then both will work together as a team in which they feel free and know that they are growing together.

Maybe you think now, yes, I feel the right spirit. I see what I do wrong in a relationship. I don’t enjoy it, because of my fear of loosing the other. Change, start loving yourself, that is the best way to get rid of the fear in yourself.