To make the difference, be yourself!

To make the difference, be yourself!To make the difference, be yourself!. Every person is unique, that is so unbelievable wonderful. But humans wants to be the same. How stupid is that! Because if you want to be someone else, you don’t make the difference. And, if you are living the life of someone else, you will not be happy at all!

you are unique and because you are, you can make a difference. If a copy of someone else is walking around, then you don’t make the difference. Then you can start behaving in such a way, having yourself rebuilt on the outside, that you will look like the other person, it makes you happy!

Fortunately many don’t go that far to move heaven and earth to resemble others, but we do copy people’s behavior on a daily basis. And that without us often noticing. The way you talk, walk, watch it, you imitate it.

That is not bad at all, because the human being is a herd animal and therefore wants to behave so badly. But what if you start to behave too much the way the herd wants. If you always want to put the perfect picture of yourself, it is not very tiring at a given moment.

That is tiring, no one can sustain it, now all this is still visible, invisible imitating the other and wanting to be, also exists. Then it is invisible to ourselves, we don’t see it, don’t notice it, it goes unconscious

You ensure that you always go to work dressed according to the dress code, it has become a habit. If you come home from work and you quickly put on nice, easy-to-wear clothes, and then ask yourself, I feel good about this. If I make a difference, I will be at my place here.

And that is of course possible, that you have no trouble with it at all, it is just occasionally very consciously to consider yourself. Am I still my unique self, or is it unnoticed that a pattern creeps in that I will dress differently, behave differently to belong.

You make the difference by being your beautiful self and we find that difficult. When are you yourself, do you really make a difference? Yes, even if you look like someone else’s copy, if you are and do what is right for yourself, you make the difference.

You make a difference by saying and doing what you feel deep down and that is really different and different for every person. We can’t copy that, luckily. But do we live in a society where everyone can be the difference.

We pretend that it is said out loud that it must be done, but in practice we aren’t there yet and we constantly adjust to the situation we are in or the people around us. Those who have passed this stage are often those who are considered a little strange by others, they must always be slightly different, we think.

With that we already indicate that it is socially not accepted that every person is different and may make a difference. Yet there is a change going on. Humans are increasingly focusing on spiritual and personal development. This is a good development because it means that more and more people are looking for themselves and are not so concerned about whether they will be the difference. They want to be themselves.

Spiritual help lines such as Mastermedium, where you can chat to your heart’s content with mediums and psychics, are frequently visited by people who are looking for their unique self. They want to be unique, they want to make a difference. Not in a way that they want to come to the fore and show it to the outside world. That’s right, because if you want to let the outside world know, you won’t make a difference! They do it for themselves, because they find out if they are not authentic, they do not experience life as they would like. They miss something. Them self.