Neglected as a child having trouble with relationships later on

Neglected as a child having trouble with relationships later onNeglected as a child having trouble with relationships later on. being seen and heard as a small child. Always be told that you have to keep your mouth shut. Growing up in a family where little to no love is shown, then you will have difficulty allowing love to come in the right way at a later age.

To be able to love, you need a good example in your youth. If your parents have not dealt with you in a loving way, you have not felt enough about it, then you will continue to look for love. you miss something in your life, the love for yourself. As long as you can’t find it, you look for it. Unfortunately often in the wrong places. With others, in an addiction. By starting a new relationship every time. None of this is satisfactory enough for you. You continue to experience a loss.

Understanding what is going on, what you are struggling with, that will take years. you think you lead a life that is supposed to be that way. Nothing is less true.

If the love in your life does not want to go smoothly and you get the stocking on its head again and again, and you are left alone every time, for whatever reason. Then you can look at others, but it is also good to look at yourself once.

Looking at yourself, we will only do when we have gone far and deep. It does not occur to us before. Because we are not used to anything else than we have seen in our youth, it does not occur to us that it can be done differently. For that we must first have a lot of disappointments behind us, which shake our awake.

Then comes a very difficult period, of deep mourning, of letting go, of hating, being angry. disappointed, depressed. To come to a realization very slowly that you have not learned to love yourself. And for that reason you have never appreciated yourself. As soon as you realize that, something changes in you. your energy becomes more powerful.

You start to think, look at things differently, you dare to tell others whether you like something or not. Because you do that, others will start to respect you. something you have not experienced all your life.

You also don’t want a relationship during this period. you should not think about it, you shut yourself off from others. You have begun to survive and for that a person always seeks silence. Who knows, you might have turned to a medium of Mastermedium that helped you open your eyes. He has shown you that life works differently than you have always thought.

Life is so much more beautiful when you see the value of yourself. Even if you don’t say anything yet, your surroundings will see you standing. They take you into account. your whole appearance is different, you show that you are no longer afraid or shy. You are there and nobody can be around you.

Somehow you never knew that. That is not so strange, neglected as a child. That does not have to be that you are left to your own devices. Even if you have been brought up very strictly, both of your parents were there, you may have felt small, submissive.

For that reason, you also advise anyone who has difficulty maintaining a relationship in a good way, to contact a medium or a psychotherapist from Your eyes are open and you wish others well. You have passed your traumas from your youth and are ready to enter into a loving relationship.