Love needs clarity

Love needs clarityLove needs clarity. Love is one of the most discussed topics and will always remain. We have no control over love, we can not save for it, we can not buy it, we get it from a free will. And that is precisely where the dual is, because we as human beings want a great deal and in the area of love the will works against it. To be able to understand love, if that is possible, clarity is needed.

Love is free
If love is free will, then the first step is not wanting love. Wanting in the sense of being in your head, because then you just push it away from you, in fact, you deprive yourself of love by wanting and getting it from someone else. By wanting love, you go looking for it. By looking for it, you are working on it, you see it as a goal and every goal needs energy. Stopping energy to get love does not give love. At the moment that it is there, you want to control it. Want to know where it ends, see the word ends. Love that you want to control with your will, that ends.

Love needs clarity
If love is there, it is the art, not to want it, but to let it come as it comes. Aha, then I should not ask for it and if it is there, I should not ask for anything, you think now. No, it does not work like that, just not. Love asks for clarity, but how do you get clarity if you do not have to ask for it and it has to come as it comes.

Love in a relationship. Love, a relationship starts with a commitment. The commitment is in fact a business piece that you need for love. You can build from a commitment with each other. Without foundation it does not work, because love is too vulnerable for that. If clear mutual agreements have been made, then love is clear and a question of feeling. Your belly shows you the way in this and is never wrong.
But yes, I feel so much, but I do not feel whether the other person cares about me, yes or no. If that is the case, you do not feel, you think you feel. You feel with your head instead of your belly. And that does not work in love.

Stop thinking about love
When you think too much about how to get love and a relationship, love does not feel any freedom. So your partner doesn’t feel free to embrass you with his love. So never think about love, just let it comes as it comes. And if is doesn’t feel good, then say something about it.

Talk about love together
Say to your partner you feel sad, depressed, of what you feel. Express yourself. Don’t put the blame on your partner. He loves you and doesn’t know you are unhappy. As long as you say anything to him, how can he knows it!

Chat with a medium
If it is difficult for you to talk about love? Start chatting with a good medium or psychic. And you know why! A chat with a medium gives you power and strength. And that is what you need to find yourself important enough, to start a conversation with your partner.

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