Love is not enough for a relationship

Love is not enough for a relationshipLove is not enough for a relationship.  we think that love is enough to keep a relationship going, we will be disappointed. in the present tense a relationship demands a lot more from us.

We will first have to value ourselves, otherwise we cannot adopt an equal position in the relationship. that in itself is already a reason that a relationship will end.

If there is one thing in life that we should be very careful about, it’s finding out a life partner. If there is one thing in life that we are dealing with very carelessly, it is sorting out a life partner.

The word says it all, life partner, we want a partner for life. Is it then not very sensible, smart, to take a good look at those who present themselves, to be charmed by you, and to investigate and to take ample time to determine whether this person is suitable for becoming your life partner? ?

That would actually be a very good idea, but doing it comes to very few. We are so happy that someone likes us, that we don’t think about anything anymore. Zero our minds and so to speak, as soon as the person asks for your phone number, are already in love, engaged and married.

It is strange that we pay no attention to what is most important. That with everything we want in our lives, like a house, a car, a new bank, we pull out all the stops. Weeks can dub, doubt, look again, release calculations, test drive, want to sleep on it for another night and then come to a decision.

And that we don’t consider the two most essential things in our lives, a life partner and children, as carefully as with all other things in our lives. Also our work, we do not often look in the right way. We are happy to find work and happy to be hired. Then the big worry is to be without money.

Why is it that we don’t use our minds when it comes to what is most essential in our lives? We assume that love is love. That love is good, that love is pure, honest, sincere and so we unconsciously say to ourselves. Love is coming, it’s good.

And that is how it should be, love knows no boundaries, limitations, that is the power of love. Love conquers everything, provided that the love is filled in the right way. And let it suspend it now. There is still so much love missing in man. Man himself should be love, and unfortunately man is not. Man is denying himself, he has made other things important. One of the things that has made people very important is money.

You earn money by doing something for it. If you work hard enough, the reward is great and it is expressed in money. If our hard work were expressed in love, we would look at love in a completely different way. Then we would do our best for it, because there is a reward.

Now there is no reward for love. It will never come. Love itself is the reward. We still see insufficient understanding of the principle that love is the reward of life. Love is a part of it, is a subdued child, who deserves no attention. That does not get the attention of the person it deserves.

That way we still look at love in the wrong way. We are not taught about it, we are not made familiar with it. We don’t think that is necessary at all, love is not important enough. For that reason we are overjoyed when someone else likes us and we don’t think about anything anymore.

We often find out too late that we have not carefully chosen our life partner because we put love in a totally wrong light. Fortunately, there are mediums and psychics who see love as a priority in life and for that reason they can teach you to see love as the greatest good in your life. Call or chat with them on NieuweTijd.