Live like a butterfly

Live like a butterflyLive like a butterfly. True love is hard to find, and you know why! We start searching for it, we start chasing love, because we want is desperately. Searching love, will never give true love. Love will come, when it is your time, when you just live your life as a butterfly.

How does a butterfly live her life? She goes wherever she wants, not looking for anything else, it is her path, not knowing what will happen a minute later in her life. She feels the sun, she feels the freedom of living. She flies, not thinking about anything.

And how do we live our life’s? We think the whole day, we work a lot and we don’t feel what our body tells us. If we are tired, we go on. If we can’t sleep, we take a sleeping pill. We live our life automatically, and meanwhile we chase for love.

Love for yourself, we don’t learn in our childhood. We have to struggle first, before we understand the principle of life. On the age of forty, we are tired, we don’t like our job anymore, we want to have a divorce, because all our dreams of our childhood, are gone with the wind. Nothing is the picture of our dreams. So we suffer, we are angry, we want a totally different life, but how to accomplish?

Live your life like a butterfly! Do you know the movie Peter Pan, well in this movie we have Wendy and we have Tinkerbel. Most women live their life as Wendy. They are nice to each other, taking care of everybody, nursing, helping and set no boundaries. Tinkerbel on the other hand, flies, she has wings, she enjoys life. She knows Peter Pan wants her, but she thinks, you have to work for me. Wendy is very sweet and is thinking for Peter Pan. She want to do everything for him. Does Peter Pan wants Wendy? No and do you know why! She is to easy to get and he feels she want to do everything for him, like his mother. Peter Pan wants a woman who lives there one life. Who is independent, happy, he has to chase her, he has to do a lot for her to get her.

The moral of this all is, most women learn to be nice and to sacrifice there lives for others. Independent women lives for herself. She treats herself with respect. She understand life. She knows if she does not take good care of herself, her life will be miserable. She works hard, but also take time for herself. She can say no. She knows her boundaries. She is not chasing any men, because she want a man chasing her.

Living your life as a butterfly is something you have to learn. And maybe you are searching for help, because you don’t want any disappointment in your life any more. In fact, you are afraid of men, and you think you are better of alone, then you have peace. But on the other hand, how nice would it be finally finding mr. Right! A man who can be trusted and let you feel that you are very special for him.

The first step is, fly like a butterfly! The next step is, call with a medium of and you know why! On this website you find spiritual advisors, paragnosts, mediums, counselors who can help you to live a life in peace, in trust together with someone who is the love of your life. A person that really believes in you, and a relationship build on trust. If I can recommend somebody. Start a chat with medium Sun, she is an all round coach. Or with Anneleen, she can help you very good with all your problems.

And you can also chat with me, Von, I am a counselor, who helped many person with the same problems you have. I show you which changes you can make, so your life will be the life of your dreams, together with a man who deeply loves you for who you are. And you feel like a butterfly