How to date after a broken relationship?

How to date after a broken relationship?How to date after a broken relationship? Dating again after a broken relationship, can be difficult. One person immediately falls into dating, the other does not want to think about it, and will be alone for a while. But at a given moment everyone wants a relationship again. Dating when you are young is different than when you are older. At a young age dating has more of itself, we are in love, we are engaged and a logical consequence is we are married and stay together for eternity. We do not look at anything else.

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Dating must be fun
To enjoy dating again and to make it successful you need a number of things.
All words that contain the word Self, to name a few, Self-confidence, Self-respect, Self-acceptance, Self-awareness.

What do you need to enjoy dating!
First of all, you need trust. If you don’t trust yourself, you have no idea whether the person you are going to come across, is good for you.

Second, you need self-respect. You need self-respect to be able to put yourself in an equal relationship. Too nice you often only have respect for someone else and not for yourself. Then you start to take on the nurturing role in the relationship, you find everything amazing and fantastic in the beginning and you figure yourself away because self-esteem is lacking. Result, relationship is not as you have imagined it.

You need self-awareness to be aware that you realize how the other is put together. Be aware that a man is a hunter and that the hunter instinct is always on. Either dormant if there is a relationship and is fully open when there is no relationship. Are you not aware of this and the man overloads you in the first few months with lots of sweet words, he hunts and after that he suddenly can’t talk anymore, have you been naïve and you have thought too fast that he was the real one for you . Consequence, the relationship is a disillusion.

The first year when you met someone
See the first year as a year in which the word relationship is not yet at issue, but there is a commitment. The result is that you feel more free and benefit from dating. The commitment is needed to be able to build something. If you are not clear to each other in the goal you are aiming for, you start to build on loose sand, then it goes in the wrong direction beforehand. This is the first step.

See the first year as a sniffing year, a year in which you get to know each other at ease. In which you continue to lead your own life as you did before and you look, you feel, you observe. You look at the other person’s behavior, that suits me. You look at the character. Know that from the first year, the first half year both perform a kind of play. We put our best foot forward, do not show the back of our tongue yet, or rather, it means that you are aware of the fact that the other person is not yet disconnected from the previous relationship and it is better to distance yourself.

After the first six months we become looser in the relationship, we will show our true nature and it can be very different in the beginning. Have you completely collapsed your soul and your salvation, this can give you a damper, which you owe yourself to yourself. You are, after all, getting in too quickly.

Don’t be naïve
So don’t be naïve. Being naïve is the other likes me and now we stay together forever. It does not work like that. Deal with yourself in an adult way. You have learned to find yourself important, and in naivety you still figure yourself out and in fact you are in a state of, I hope that the other person stays. You go to a break where you feel hurt and again experience a lot of pain. You search for this yourself.

Love yourself first
Take the love for yourself seriously. Then you have an eye, because then you feel whether the other person is serious, takes the responsibility to make it a success. That the other person is honest and sincere. Love is feeling and not thinking.

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