How do you recognize toxic people

How do you recognize toxic peopleHow do you recognize toxic people. We all need a healthy dose of self-esteem. but what if someone breaks it, his ego is too big and you meet such a person. You will then have to arm yourself against it.

In some situations you can say goodbye to a person who glorifies himself. But what if it’s a family member, or maybe your boss. Then it becomes more difficult to close the door behind you. If it breaks down, you can of course always choose to say goodbye to the family member or to choose another job. That choice is yours.

How do you recognize toxic people?

They lie as if it is printed. they are easy in spreading lies. Like this is the most normal thing in the world.
If you point them out, they certainly deny it.

They are happy to let you know what you are doing wrong. They won’t miss a chance to tell you. with this they mask their own mistakes and they want to keep you small with it.

They will blame you if something fails. while they themselves have contributed to it. They will bring it so that they can spring the dance. At some point, they will no longer be natural and they will fall through the basket.

They will do anything to make you feel bad about yourself. they shun comments such as, what you are wearing today is really not possible. They will do anything to put you in a bad light, in terms of appearance, so that they are glorified.

They present themselves as a victim. They can’t help it, it happened to them. If only those others shouldn’t have reacted that way. If only you should have watched. it is not their fault that it went wrong.

They are averse to your limits. Whatever you do, even if you ask them time and time again, they go over it. it seems as if they are doing it on purpose, if they are having fun and want to give you a heel. They also have a lack of authorities. They are way above that. They are above the law, as it were. Nobody can do anything to them.

You cannot rely on them. You do not know what you have to them. They turn in all directions. If you say yes and the other person first said yes, he will now say no. you can’t do anything about it, they are not consistent. It makes you a fool. It gives confusion and that is exactly what they want to achieve.

They make sure that you start to doubt yourself, so much so that at a certain point you completely lose your confidence. you no longer believe and trust yourself.

You see that toxic people are dangerous people, which you should keep out. Often you do not realize in the beginning, they come across as very charming.

Often it can even feel that you feel flattered by their kind way of dealing with you. Nothing could be further from the truth, it is all a game to control you. to break down, to belittle yourself and to completely lose faith in yourself.

If you have someone like that in your area, you should definitely leave them in your hands. Make sure they don’t get a hold of you and don’t doubt yourself for a second. Do you have trouble with this? please contact a Mastermedium who can help you learn how to deal with toxic people.