Everything needs balance, also give and receive!

Everything needs balance, also give and receive!Everything needs balance, also give and receive!. We all know that life is give and take. But it is sometimes very difficult, to give and receive. Most women give to much. There is a reason for it. We do that because we are the givers, always, it is our second nature.

But do you understand that if you give too much, you have difficulty receiving. Do you also understand that if you give too much, the other person doesn’t have any space to give something to you.

Do you understand that if you take too much, the other person will look at you at some point with your neck or break the contact. Do you understand that giving & receiving must be in balance in order for it to function properly. If you understand this, do a self-examination and ask yourself some questions.

Am I a giver, do I like to be ready for others? Do I often take something off my hands because I think I can do it better and faster? Do I become impatient when I ask someone else and say yes, but don’t do it immediately?

If you answer yes to these questions, or recognize yourself in, then you are someone who has difficulty giving and receiving. Yes, you also have trouble giving, because you give a lot, but with the wrong reasons that lie beneath it. You have become a giver, because you hoped that the other would give you love. Unfortunately, with all your giving, you have not yet succeeded. As long as a person gives, to get something in return, giving has a double standard.

That double standard, which I do not recognize myself, I give, because I like doing that. So you never feel angry if someone doesn’t give you a compliment if you give it something. You never wonder deep down why you never get anything back from someone else?

Yes, but yes, I quickly dismiss that again. You hide it, those feelings, because you think they shouldn’t be there. But do you know that if your feelings are hidden, you will be confronted with yourself once and you will get angry with everyone because you think they will abuse you? They do that too, but you do nothing about it.

No, not yet thought about and thought about. Do you see what happens when you give too much and ignore the reason why you do this? That at some point you are done with all that giving and you get angry that you never get anything back?

And if we look at the moments when you got something, a loving word, a bunch of flowers, a card for your birthday! What does that do to you? Yes, then I feel tears burning in my eyes and I don’t know what to do. Then I often immediately give something back. Ah, you see that you can’t actually receive, because you are not used to it.

You are afraid of receiving probably. You never ask for something. You love to give. What will happen, if you always give and never ask something in return. People will start using you. Disrespect you. There mind says, Oh, she will do that for me, always.

You also are the a person who has difficulties in asking questions. You are very brave in waiting and hoping, especially waiting for love.

Love in your live will com in the right way is there is balance in give and receive. Trouble with this? A Mastermedium is the person for you start chatting with. This medium helps you to learn how to receive.