Can we unconditionally love someone else

Can we unconditionally love someone elseCan we unconditionally love someone else. Love is unconditional, we also express that to each other. We will stay together until eternity and we will accept and respect each other. But is that possible in an unconditional way?

Man cannot love the unconditional love of another. That would mean that you completely put yourself away and have to accept and tolerate everything from someone else. is it telling us wrong?

Yes, it is telling us wrong. They forgot to say something about it. you are also a person of flesh and blood. so you also count and for that reason you may love yourself.
From self-love you can love someone and give you unconditionally. Does the other miss the same way.

For that we will first have to get to know each other well. And not to forget ourselves. Even then it is almost impossible to go unconditionally for each other. We have a brain in which the ego rules. The ego has certain desires. apart from that, if we may also love ourselves, it means that we may also occupy our space, indicate our limits. If we don’t do this, a relationship will also break. Even though we position ourselves unconditionally.

If someone in a relationship never shows anything of himself, the other person will take the lead at some point. Choices must still be made. There are chapters such as where are we going to live. What house, children, where are we going on vacation? You coordinate such things together. you both have something to say about that. Let the other person take his course, come sooner or later an irritation.

He says, that’s not how I want it. I think you don’t take me into account. That’s right too, the roles are filled in such that the other person has to make the choices. Because you didn’t make them.

In this way the ape comes to the fore that unconditionally loving each other is actually not possible. you can build it together. By getting to understand each other better and better, you will take each other into account more, that you can do for each other.

Then you can read and write together at some point. if you no longer need words, then you are one.

This feels like unconditional for both of them, but there will always be times when one of two conditions will be imposed on the other. There is no other way. We remain a unique person who can indicate his own needs.

Thinking in unconditional terms means losing in advance. Striving for unconditional means bringing love to a higher height. If we can do that together within a relationship, that is the highest we can achieve together.

That can feel as unconditional, that is also allowed. Because how nice it is not to have a partner next to you who believes in you, who you can trust through and through. that you will never drop. That is love, but still not unconditional. Because they realize that it is not possible. That is the power of this couple.

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