Being dissatisfied

Being dissatisfiedBeing dissatisfied. The word dissatisfaction indicates that you are not satisfied. There are times in our lives that we are not satisfied and those periods may be there. Only when you are never satisfied will dissatisfaction become a problem. And the challenge lies in looking for what could satisfy you.

Which path is good for me
Often we do not notice in the first instance that we are dissatisfied. We do what we have to do, we work, have a relationship and social activities. And everything goes as it should, but there is a certain feeling that occasionally comes up, like a kind of tormentor, of which we do not know what to do with it.

That tormentor is not there for nothing. It wants to tell you something, it has a message. It wants to tell you that you are not on the right path, that a different path to walk would be much better for you, however, you are not yet ready to see it, to dare to choose and to be there for it, to let go.

That you suffer from dissatisfaction can express themselves, not allow something in the other. They go on holiday more often than you do and you ask yourself skeptically, how do they do that. I can only leave once a year. It manifests itself in, for example, the large purchase of items, which then disappear into the cupboard and you no longer have to look after them. All draw on the wall of dissatisfaction.

Your job does not make you feel satisfied. Those colleagues always have something to complain about and you also nag in your turn. It does not occur to you that you also have a choice. Your relationship does not give the right feeling, you are dissatisfied with the relationship, you complain to friends, but do something about it, no.

It is not my fault
We often place dissatisfaction with someone else, because that causes your dissatisfaction in your eyes. A partner who does not do what you say, can make you dissatisfied. And so we can do more things that you can think of that makes you unhappy. But do these things and people really dissatisfy you now, or are you yourself a dissatisfied person?

It is the latter, you are the self and not another, not something you do not have and someone else does. Dissatisfaction is a feeling in you. And in everything you do, say, there you will discover, as soon as you realize that you are yourself, that you are causing discontent. Often the language you speak is also dissatisfied. Those who are dissatisfied thinking and talking in the glass is half empty instead of half full.

Do I want to change?
Dissatisfaction comes from the fact that you are looking for a change for yourself and do not know how to initiate that change and what you should do for that change. Somewhere deep inside you that need is present. You want it to be different, that’s where that feeling of dissatisfaction comes from, but how do you do that? What often happens first is that we are going to make feints. Learn it to chat with a top medium on NieuweTijd.

If a relationship in your eyes is dissatisfied, we go outside looking for someone else, not realizing what consequences this can have. Our sense of dissatisfaction is then satisfied for a moment, but soon it turns up again and we drop the other, giving no explanation.

As soon as you feel the need for a change from dissatisfaction, do not solve this by substituting other things for it. Solve it in and with yourself. And if you want, make a chat with a top medium on NieuweTijd. Grab pen and paper and make 2 lists. The one list you put down the things that do not make you happy and give you a dissatisfied feeling. On the other list you put down the things that make you happy, what you get energy from and what you are satisfied with. This way you make a lot of yourself visible. That way you find out where your dissatisfaction comes from.

The next step is how I am going to make sure that what I am not satisfied with is going to change. For example your work. You always have a choice to change jobs. Is this the solution? Relationship. You always have the choice to put it aside. Is this the solution? No, because you do not solve your dissatisfaction by removing something and replacing it with something else. You actually solve dissatisfaction very simply.

Be aware
By becoming aware of what you have and accepting it as it is, if you come to the conclusion that you do not want to exchange it for something else. So dissatisfaction is converting to satisfaction by consciously looking at where your discontent comes from, that you can not put it down with an other, because you have a choice in everything. You choose to maintain the relationship yourself, stay with your current work, then accept is the keyword to be satisfied with what is there.