Avoid disappointments in a relationship

Avoid disappointments in a relationshipAvoid disappointments in a relationship.  no one is given a life without expectations. It is also not possible, because we as human beings have expectations. In this way we expect that our lives will run smoothly. That we get a loving partner, we already have an idea. Who knows, you may have an urge for children and of course you also want a good job in which you can put your egg.

We go through our studies in good spirits. we are proud of the diploma we have and we are eager to give substance to our own life. Let all our wishes come true. Finding that job succeeded. you are also satisfied with the salary. The place could be better, but yes a person must also make concessions.

In the meantime we have already made a few loves, made a few beautiful journeys, but with love it doesn’t really go well. Why that is, you have no idea and you start to get a little nervous about it. The ones that were reviewed were all types that had something in them, but they also gave you disappointments.

You do not give up, you have now been able to buy a nice house and life is going strong. But that love doesn’t want to come. Slightly disappointed, you withdraw from a contact. Because even this contact does not give you what you are looking for.

The clock starts ticking and it is now time for that one very special one. He presents himself and you soon fall in love. You don’t want to lose this man anymore, you have everything for that. Well, he does have a few flaws, but you blow them away.

You go all out, he is charming, cozy and shows you that he loves you. You feel good in the relationship, but still, there is something in you that keeps you from giving you completely. you cannot put your finger on it and if you ask, you will get an evasive answer.

At some point this man starts to disappoint you and you don’t know how to deal with it. love is unconditional, so I can’t complain at all. Without that you realize it, you deliver things from yourself. You go out less with your girlfriend, you focus completely on your partner, but he increasingly goes his own way. Is this the relationship now? That’s not how I imagined it at all and you get disappointed in it.

Making it negotiable, you have already done this a few times and you get evasive answers. You don’t want to continue like that, it’s a big disappointment for you, but how is it? How do you deal with the disappointments within a relationship?

You are actually a bit late with it. From the very beginning, partners have to stay in touch with each other every day. Tell each other what they like and dislike. What they bother or enjoy. In this way you get to know each other better and you take into account each other’s insights and wishes.

But it’s never too late. get started, involve him. start by giving compliments and then indicate what you would like to see differently. Do not attack him, indicate your needs. That way he gets to know you better and he dares to open himself up to you. In this way you build on your relationship in a pleasant way.

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